Joint Stock company “RAMZAY” is research and development company specialized on unmanned aviation and helicopters.

We have development programs and projects in the areas of UAV structural design, aircraft’s control systems, autopilots and optoelectronics.

Our specialists are also developing and installing helicopter’s protection system from hand launched missiles and guns.

Company includes several specialized design bureaus that work together for the common goals.

To manage its foreign and trade programs, company also has professional technological and marketing departments.
Research and development of the airplane aerodynamics;
Structural design and projecting;
Ground and flight tests;
Development of the onboard avionic systems;
Design and development of the ground control stations;
Design and development of the aircraft protection systems.


Trade partners for domestic and foreign companies;
Marketing and pre contract negotiations;
Project development and project management;
Development of producers’ cooperation for international programs;
Investment’s management. Startups development and management.
Scientific research and developments. Aerodynamics. Frame and transmission development. Avionics and autopilot development.
Design and development of UAV and its systems. Development, engineering and testing of the planes. Production processing and organization.
Modernization of existing aircrafts and helicopters.
Provision of the services related to the maintenance and personnel training.
Trade and commercial activities. Consulting and marketing.